The parties will be held at Grandcafé Lindenholt. They have a beautiful partyvenue and that is what we are going to do. Party!

Awesome bands, DJ's, competitions and dancing...So much dancing! 

Scroll down for a short overview.

Friday 20:30h - 01h

With tap-taster at 19:45

We start off this kick-ass party with a cool tap-taster by Marieke Roest. This taster is free to all who like to join. 
The vintage sound of Dee's Tour Ahead will get you swinging and grooving on the dancefloor. In between en after the bandsets the handsome DJ-duo The Kings of Swing will get you and the dancefloor together with DJ Splanky. With those names in charge of the music this evening, it can't go wrong! 
Tonight the DJ's will show you what they have got. So be prepared for some awesomeness as well! 

Saturday 20:30h - 01h

This evening is full of hot stuff! Bigband Hopla will keep you rocking that dancefloor for sure. Together with our awesome DJ's of the weekend, Kings of Swing and Splanky there will be no time to cool down. 

Want to join the competition? This is your chance! The J&J is your chance to shine. 

Sunday 16h - 20:00h

Just one more party to go until we can go home, feeling happy, euforic, energetic and tired at the same time. DJ's Kings of Swing and Splanky are there to let you burn the dancefloor one more time. Today Pontus Persson and DJ Bart will also let you hear what they have got and bring their chosen music and energy to you. 


In Short 




19:45 Taptaster
20:30 Start Party
          DJ's The Kings of Swing
21:15 Dee's tour ahead 
22:00 Teacher demo
22:10 DJ Splanky
22:45 Dee's tour ahead 

23:30 DJ's KOS & Splanky
01:00 End of party

20:30 Start Party

          DJ Splanky

21:00 HOPLA bigband
21:45 Prelims J&J

        The Kings of Swing

22:45 HOPLA Bigband

23:30 DJ Splanky
0:00 Finals J&J
0:15 Group picture
       HOPLA Bigband

01:00 End of party

16:00 Start party

         The best DJ's allllll afternoon
20:00 End of party