This years workshopschedule is important to you because you get to pick the workshops you would like to atttend! How cool is that?!

At Jazzout we like to work with the desires of the dancers instead of levels. Some of you are already price-winning dancers, others are on their way or just want to have fun on the dancefloor. The difference in danceskills should be embraced and used to create together.
That is why, this year, out festival workshops have a similar set-up as our regular weekly classes. You choose what you want to learn, keeping in mind that, for instance, if you want to learn an advanced move, you already need to have an substencial dance-move-vocabulaire.

Each workshop is 1 hour.
Fullpasses are sold out, Saturday passes are sold out

For the Sunday pass, you can pick up to 3 classes a day.
For the individual Saturday classes you can pick how many you like. 

In the workshop description you can find the minimum you need to know/have in your dancing skills to participate at the workshops. Choose wisely, choose joyfully.
You and your partner have to choose the same classes.

*minor changes can be made, we will keep you updated