Terms of Agreement 

  • When there are too little registrations for a workshop, the workshop will be cancelled and you will be placed in another workshop at the same weekend.



  • Payment for JOSF is done by automatic collection, transferring, Ideal, Mollie, or PayPal. When you signed for the automatic collection the money will be collected within a week. You can pay cash on agreement. 

  • Checkout the prices page to see what you are registering for. 
  • After registration you will be registered in the workshops or parties of your choosing, You will receive an e-mail with payment details and a term within which you need to pay. If we did not receive your payment within that term, you will get 1 reminder. After that your spot opens up for others. You can sign up again if you want to participate. As soon as we have a spot for you, we will inform you.
  • JazzOut is allowed to place you in another worshop than you registered for, if they find you registered for a non-fitting workshop. If you are in doubt to what workshops you should sign up, ask one of the teachers of JazzOut or of your own before you subscribe. You will not get refunded when you are not placed in the workshop you desire. 
  • When you place a payment without registration it is is not a registration, If there is no space for you in the workshop or party we will refund your money minus €10 for administration costs.
  • After signing up as a single lead we will match you to a single follow, if applicable, and vice versa. After that you cannot register as a couple with someone else anymore, because we already made another follow/lead happy.
  • You are allowed to find someone in your place if you organise payment yourself and let the organisation know. This person must be the same role, if applicable, (Leader/Follow)

  • There is no restitution if you cancel your registration. You are allowed to sell your ticket to someone else if you can't make it this weekend. 
  • Payment should be received on the date stated in the confirmation mail, we will send you one reminder, after the expiration date of the reminder, your registration does not count. You can register again if you want to participate.

  • JazzOut is not responsible for any physical injuries, personal damage or loss during JOSF.

  • You and your dancepartner (if applicable) will be added to JazzOut's JOSF mailing list. 
  • We use Social Media for promotional purposes. This means that it is possible we make pictures or videos during classes with you in it, and post these online. If you rather do not want to be in these photo's and videos, contact us about it. We will take your wish into account, unfortunately we cannot assure you, you won't be in the pictures or videos we post. 

Domestic Regulations: 

Click the link below to see the Domestic Regulations stated by JazzOut. Every member is ought to behave as stated in the Domestic Regulations so JazzOut can ensure a save and pleasant atmosphere.  

Domestic Regulations
Domestic Regulations JazzOut.pdf (207.94KB)
Domestic Regulations
Domestic Regulations JazzOut.pdf (207.94KB)