Privacy statement

JazzOut offers a variety of services and classes. Because of these services JazzOut has certain data of you..

We think it is important that you know that our service is reliable, personal and simple. That is why we are always looking for ways to simplify our service to you and we try to fit your personal needs.

To service you as well as possible it is necessary that we know which service at JazzOut you use and registered for. That is why we link information between different services within JazzOut.

JazzOut processes your data because we want to inform you personally when we think we have relevant information for you. This information could be tips about events, newsletters, changes of plans for events you registered for or other news.
We use telephone, E-mail, Facebook, SMS, WhattsApp and Messenger as communicational ways. We use the channel we think suits best for the purpose.

We promise:

In this privacy statement we show you how we handle your data, In this document you can read which data we process and which influence you have on this. This privacy statement is divided in several chapters.

This privacy statement works for all data JazzOut handles from you. This statement applies to all members, teachers, clients, users, partnerships and coöperations.

1. Who is responsible for processing your data?

All departments of JazzOut use the same privacy policy. Your data will be processed by a member of the JazzOut crew.

2. Data processing

Here you’ll find a summary of the most important data processing. The goal of this summary is to give you a proper view of the data we use if you make use of one of our services. In this summary you can also find which choices you can make yourself.

We never use data of you in public, (Facebook, site, instagram etc.) All your data is handled by a member of the JazzOut crew.

Most of the data we need is essential for the services we deliver, because we need the possibility to contact you for news, changes, payment arrangements, location etc.



With Permission


First name + Surname


We need your full name for billing information
and Terms of agreement

Email address


For contact or Paypal

Phone number


For more urgent contact, information en recaps. 

Bank account number

x (if you pay by bankaccount)

When you pay us we have your bank
account number. We do not store this
number, it stays in our bank account.

JazzOut keeps your data for at least 5 years in their archive. We only use your data for newsletters and statistics within JazzOut. After we do not need your data anymore we will remove your data from our archive. 

JazzOut will never sell or share your data with others. 

If you use more than one service of JazzOut, JazzOut will connect your data. In this way we can offer you discounts and up-to-date news which we think is of interest to you.

3. Your rights

You have the right of insight in your own personal data. This means that you can request us to show your personal data and where we use them for.
You can do this by send an email to us and ask for your personal data.

You can contact us for any changes regarding your data. You can do this by send an email with the changes which have to be made. We will respond within a few days. 

You can ask for:

  • Insight in the data we have from you

  • Insight in the workshops you attended so far

  • Insight in the classes you attended so far

  • Insight in the state of your payment

Objection to processing your personal data
You can object to processing your personal data by Jazzout, when they are not used for necessary purposes, as executing an arrangement of obtain an legal obligation.  

You can also object against these forms of approach:

  • Written approach

  • Approach with SMS/email/Whatsapp/Messenger

  • Approach by phone

If you want to object, do so by sending an email to / with your objection and your reason. 

JazzOut will process your abjection within a few days. It can take a while before your objection is processed in every file. Keep in mind that it is possible that the objection is not well processed for a short period,

Right to oblivion
In some cases you have the right that JazzOut removes your personal data. You have approved the use of your data before, but you withdraw your permission. JazzOut will remove your data in this case.

File complaint
You have the right to file a complaint with the national supervisor, de Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, (de AP). You can do so through the website of de AP.

Revised Oct. 2018