Places to eat

Here you find a range of places to eat nearby the venue. These venues are all, except for the Grandcafé, big and have enough space.
In the city centre there are a lot of nice places too, smaller and larger ones with different vibes, just go into the city and discover them! 

Grandcafé Lindenholt

This is the main venue where we will have classes and the parties. They serve a versatile menu for lunch or diner with something to like for everyone. They also serve cocktails, have delicious wine and tasty fingerbites for if you fancy a snack. 

Check their menu here

Mc Donalds

Well yes...nothing to tell here...everyone knows it, A few minutes walk from the venues. 


Fusion Grill and Sushi. Delicious food for not a lot of money. A few minutes walk from the venue. 
Check out their website here

Orient Drive

Asian restaurant or take-away. Check out their menu here

Wereldkeuken Triavium
All you can eat restaurant with 'all the kitchens of the world' Check their website here. 

In the shoppingscentre nearby (next to Station Dukenburg) there are some places to lunch as well.
Brasserie Lunchroom Le Duc
Bakker Bart



Lunchroom bij Jan