• How and when do I pay?

You pay immediatelly after you have registered. Check your registrationform for the paymentdetails. Payment is done by transferring or PayPal (+€5,- fee) 

  • Can I pay in two terms? 

Yes, you can. Always contact JazzOut if you want to pay in 2 terms. There will be made an arrangement with you. 

  •  Can I use the 'Meedoen-regeling' ? 

If you live in Nijmegen: Yes you can! Go to the site of Gemeente Nijmegen to check out what you need to do. 
If you live in Den Bosch. No, we are sorry, this is not (yet) arranged.

  • What if I want to cancel or change my registration?

Please, send us an message. We discuss possibilities with you. For cancellation check out the terms of agreement. 

  • What clothes or shoes should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes, your shoes should be inside shoes and not be worn outside. Wear shoes with blank soles, as they don't stain the floor. As a beginner we advice you to wear flat shoes (or with just a really tiny, flat heel) 

If you are having doubts about you clothes or shoes, please do not hesitate to ask us.

  • What do I need for the classes? 

You need inside-shoes, (shoes that are not worn outside) a bottle of water and a towel. If you sweat a lot, bring an extra shirt/outfit. 

  •  I Want to know evertything JazzOut does, what can I do? 

Keep track of our FacebookPage and our website. Everything what you need will be there. If you miss anything, please contact us here


Other questions? No problem! Mail us!