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Telephone: +31 6 21216132

When you are at JOSF and there is a case of need call this number. We will help you the best we can. 


The parties and a part of the classes will be thaught at 

Grandcafé Lindenholt
St. Agnetenweg 77

6545 AV

+31 24 785 09 29

De Broederij
Nieuwstadweg 37

6545 AM
+3124 679 3232

Both locations are easy to reach by public transport, car and bike. Trainstation Nijmegen Dukenburg is with a 10 minute walk very close. 

There is a lot of space to park (free)

Foods & Drinks

In Grandcafé Lindenholt you can order drinks and sandwiches at the bar. We ask you to only order inside workshop- & partyroom. They make some great sandwiches in different flavours specially for you.
In the evening, they also make a hell of a cocktail! 

There is also a local Supermarket within 2 minutes walk off the venue. 
Supermarket Spar
St. Agnetenweg 63

6545 AT

Spending the night

There are a lot of amazing places to stay in Nijmegen. Most of them are in the city centre. Read more about the places we like here

If you miss anything, do not hesitate to send an e-mail with your question.

We will respond within 2 days, If you did not get an e-mail, check your SPAM. 

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