Meet our bands and DJ's! All of them are ready to rock your dancefloor! 

Hopla! All Star - Bigband

On Saturday this bands overwhelming music will fill up the evening.
Hopla! All Star Bigband is an 18 piece Big Band with voices, trumpets, trombones, saxes and rhythmsection specialized in live performing all the best Lindy Hop classics, but also lesser known gems, perfect to dance to.

It's a Killer-Diller!

It all started as a one-off, 5 years ago, but because of the amazing response from dancers, listeners and members of the band alike, they decided to take the band on the road.
Now with an even better, completely updated repertoire.

Honkers, Shouters, Hepsters and Canaries: All come listen and dance to the unbleached Swing, Jazz, Boogie, Blues and Rhythm from the early 30's 'till the late 50's.

It's loads of fun indeed,

Frisk your Whiskers, and Cut some Rug!

Dee's tour ahead

On Friday we will have the vivacious Dee's tour ahead.

They are a passionate musicians who met each other on different meet-ups and collaborations within the Dutch Jazz and Lindy Hop scene.

There was no doubt that their individual sounds and personalities would fit like a Lindy Hoppes shoe.
In their collaboration they each bring their own special part, Rick de Bruijn (guitar) brings his gypsy fire which makes you move. Singer Diewertje de Niet is full of passion and love for Swing and American songbook repertoire, her voice takes you to the dancefloor. Paul van Rooy, (trumpet) has a warm, clear sound which brings you back in time, back to the good-old-days of swing. On the bass, Martin Senders, follows the Swing music like no one else does and is, so to say, the motor of this band.
Dee's tour ahead will get you swinging, no doubt about it!

DJ Splanky

Kasper Arensbak has been part of the Danish swing scene for close to a decade, as a dancer, DJ and organizer. With his passion deeply anchored in the original hits and hidden gems from the 30s & 40s, he brings back the sound and feel from the swing era. With a clear focus on only playing tunes that makes you want to dance, he has made the floors bouncing at both Danish and International events.
This wondrous DJ and dancer will get you Swinging!

DJ Duo The Kings of Swing

The Kings of Swing was born out of two passionate Lindy Hoppers partying a lot together and having a mutual interest in (swing) music.
After finding out they also had a past of DJing in common, they decided to start DJing as a duo at swing parties.
Their mission: get everybody on the dance floor by playing any music that swings enough to Lindy Hop with emphasis on (but not at all restricted to) ‘old’ 1930-1940 Swing/Jazz, spiced up with a selection of more contemporary swing music and some ‘Kings of Swing only’ secret favorites.
Being a duo of which usually one is playing tracks while the other one is dancing with the crowd makes up for a dynamic approach which is appreciated by the public.
KoS’s musical selection and presence resulted in being booked for many Swing events and now KoS are reaching out further, bringing them back to Jazzout Swingfest 2020 in Nijmegen.
We are looking forward seeing all you lovely dancers back on the dancefloor and we will bring our candy jar full of Swing, Charleston, Shag, Balboa, Blues, Boogie and very special gems especially selected for you.

Pontus Person

Next to dancing he loves to DJ his favorite tunes for you. You will not be able to stand still!